About me

The hardest thing you can do is to write about yourself, but I will try anyhow. I'm a cabinetmaker with my own workshop where I mainly manufacture custom-designed furniture and prototypes of different sorts. (The pictures on this page are examples of pieces that I've made.) I usually work closely with architects or designers to manufacture their ideas. Over the years I've made furniture for several Swedish embassies all around the world (eg. Tokyo, Dublin, Jakarta, Athens, Paris and Riga). I purchased my own workshop in 1980 when I was 30 years of age, but before that I had worked for different woodworking craftsmen for several years to learn the handicraft. During that time I also learned how to repair and renovate old furniture. My speciality is glossy finishing like french polishing and cellulose laquering. Frameworks for canvas (used by artists for their paintings) are another base-product in my repertoire. These consists of a wooden frame with wedges in the corners so that you can stretch the canvas. (I've been told that they are called "stretchers" in English.) I make them for artists and preservation-specialists, preferably in Sweden.
My interest in constructing loudspeakers started in the early seventies when I had a friend whoworked for a company that manufactured loudspeakers. My first experiments were with horn loudspeakers.I made, for example, a folded bass tractrix horn with an enclosure volume of several hundred liters. It was very efficient but I soon found out that you could get a better result for domestic use with a vented box. So I did what many others have done, I copied a good design and completed it with my own ideas. This is what later became the PM loudspeaker. In the late eighties I took up the work on the PM loudspeakers again and carried it through to a finished result. I got a diploma for my construction in 1993, and since then I've put more commercial effort into my loudspeaker constructions than I did when it was only a hobby.
I started the Aurus loudspeaker project in late 1994, and completed it about a year later. The goal was to make a cheap loudspeaker that would be a commercial product, but it turned out to be so good that I simply had to make it as perfect as possible. This means that I also had to use superb components in this loudspeaker's filter. Some people say that it is much easier to construct a two-way loudspeaker than a three-way loudspeaker, but I don't agree. The choice of crossover frequency is much more delicate and to get the sound really homogeneous is quite difficult.
My present projects is a subwoofer that is designed to be used with the Aurus and which can be used instead of the stands, and loudspeakers for my computer. The date when these projects will be finished depends on the amount of sparetime that I will have in the future.I hope that you have found it interesting to read this page, and if you have a comment or question please mail it to me.

Per Målare
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