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Aurus loudspeaker Aurus is a two-way loudspeaker system which I constructed as a cheaper alternative to the three-way system called PM. It's also a high-definition loudspeaker like the PM, with very low distortion and a reasonable sensitivity for it's size. Check the measurements. The basic construction ideas are the same as for the PM: acoustic transformer for the treble (exponential-horn), time-delay compensation of the drivers, a cast-concrete baffle designed to minimize diffraction-effects, acoustic damping of the woofer in a vented enclosure and computer and listening-optimized filters of very high quality. Check the specifications.

pm loudspeaker PM is a three-way loudspeaker system which I started to develop in the mid-seventies. The goal was to construct a loudspeaker that was able to reproduce the real acoustic environment from the recording. Discussions about time-delay in those years, which were confirmed by measurements, led me to a design with a complex baffle and exponential horns. Later on I've made fibreglass moulds for casting the baffle in concrete. The sound from this loudspeaker is something you must experience. It really is competitive with the "big" names on the hi-fi scene. Check the measurements and specifications.

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